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Education: Highlighting Ocean Sciences & Engineering Practices

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Are you looking for resources to use in classrooms to help students understand the process of science?

Scientist-led sessions hosted by COSEE-Ocean Systems and the Aquarius EPO Team have explored the science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) practices behind a variety of ocean and earth science topics – including ocean circulation, salinity, the water cycle, and climate. These webinars contain real examples of scientists collecting and analyzing data, using new technology, and engineering solutions to obtain answers to difficult questions through their research.

Clips from these webinars are provided here, organized by topic and aligned to the science and engineering practices outlined by the Next Generation Science Standards. Click on the images below to access these resources.

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Role Models for Effective Science and Engineering
For the science-interested public, these pages and videos are an invitation to explore real-world science through the voices of research scientists who are passionate about their work. These scientists and engineers discuss their research - including the process of science, the challenges of working in the field and collecting global data, and the creative solutions to technical challenges - from a first hand perspective.

Fred Bingham
Julius Busecke
Yi Chao
Tom Farrar
Gary Lagerloef
David Le Vine
Eric Lindstrom
Susan Lozier
Stephen Riser
Ray Schmitt
Ted Taylor