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Melting ice
Melting Ice, Rising Seas: Global Warming & Ocean Change (00:01:24)
[13-Oct-09] The ice is melting. The seas are rising. Little by little, in most parts of the world, the ocean is overtaking the land. Most of us don't think much about sea level rise, but it's one of the biggest signs that humans are affecting the Earth's climate. And it's something worth watching. So the big question is, are we facing a doom and gloom scenario?

Josh Willis: "I prefer not to think about climate change and global warming in terms of doom and gloom scenarios, so much as a change in our planet. Our planet's definitely changing, and we're definitely causing it. So we're going to have learn to deal with some of these changes. But in addition, we're going to have to learn how to make a slightly smaller footprint on our planet."

Josh Willis: "Sea level is rising effectively because of global warming. As the planet heats up, two things happen to the ocean. One is that the temperature of the water increases. And as that happens, the water actually expands and takes up more room. The other thing that happens is that ice that was on land in the form of glaciers and ice sheets begins to melt and as that runs off into the ocean, it increases the water in the ocean, and it actually raises sea level as well. View full movie here. Credit: NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center.