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Science Meetings

Satellite & In Situ Salinity (SISS) Working Group: Current Status and Future Plans
Chao, Y. and Boutin, J. (12-Nov-14)

The Aquarius and SMOS salinity satellite missions have established the Satellite & In Situ Salinity (SISS) Working Group (WG). The major goal of this WG is to improve our understanding of the link between L-band satellite (SMOS and Aquarius) remotely sensed salinity (for approximately the top 1 cm of the sea surface) and in situ measured salinity (routinely measured at a few meters depths by ships and ARGO floats but recently accessible to up to few cm depth by new profilers, and by surface drifters) and to develop practical methodologies for relating satellite salinity to other estimates of sea surface salinity. The SISS WG has established a mailing list and organized several community workshops at major conferences (e.g., AGU, EGU). The first WG effort to develop a schematic diagram of upper ocean salinity stratification will be presented. Plans to host another workshop at the upcoming AGU Fall meeting in San Francisco and develop a community white paper will be discussed.