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Evaluation Strategies of Coarse Resolution SM Products for Monitoring Deficit/Excess Conditions in the Pampas Plains, Argentina
Grings, F., Bruscantini, C., Carballo, F., Smucler, E., Perna, P., and Karszenbaum, H. (13-Nov-13)

The effects of soil moisture-atmosphere interactions in heat waves, drought developments and floods are well established. Moreover, the value of SM products at the regional scale for agricultural purposes is also significant. Nevertheless, the presence of different sources of errors in SM products requires evaluation. One of the problems is that Argentina lacks extensive in-situ networks at the scale needed for validation of course resolution SM products. Therefore, an alternative approach of using performance metrics becomes critically relevant. Our objectives are to: 1) implement evaluation strategies of available course resolution for SM products,and 2) use these evaluation procedures to evaluate our own soil moisture products for the Pampas Plain (AMSR-E, and Aquarius). In this work we discuss the problems we are facing for: (1) exploitation of available course resolution SM products, (2) data preparation, and (3) strategies for their evaluation. We show standardized anomalies for AMSR-E and SMOS SM products. Next, evaluation strategies are presented and discussed.