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Data Validation SMOS SML2UDP Product in the Pampean Region
Rivas, R., Niclòs, R., García-Santos, V., Doña, C., Valor, E., Holzman, M., Bayala, M., Carmona, F., Ocamp, D., Thibeault, M., and Soldano, A. (12-Nov-13)

A validation campaign was carried out to evaluate the SMOS-MIRAS Soil Moisture (SM) SML2UDP product (v5.51) in the Pampean Region of Argentina. The study area was selected because it is a vast area of flatlands containing quite homogeneous rainfed croplands considered SMOS nominal land uses. Transects of ground SM measurements were collected by ThetaProbe ML2x probes within four ISEA-grid SMOS nodes, where permanent SM stations are located. The first validation results showed a negative bias between concurrent SMOS data and ground SM measurements, which means a slight SMOS-MIRAS underestimation, and a standard deviation of ±0.06 m3m−3. Additionally, a correlation was obtained between the ground SM values and the SM station data within a node. Therefore, the station data adjusted to obtain node representative values could be used to continue the validation of SMOS-retrieved data in the future.