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Oceanographic Cruises Carried Out in the Context of SAC-D/Aquarius Mission: Preliminary Results
Williams, G., Svendsen, G., Visinitini, N., González, R., Esteves, J.L., Gagliardini, A., and Narvarte, M. (12-Nov-13)

Two oceanographic cruises were carried out in San Matías Gulf (SMG), in the north of the Argentine Patagonian Continental Shelf (between 40°47'S and 42°13'S) in the context of the first surveys in the study zone under the SAC-D/Aquarius mission. The first survey was on January 31, 2013 on-board GC Río Parana while the second was performed between 18 and 22 March, 2013 at the B/O Bernardo Houssay. In the first survey temperature, conductivity, pH and depth profiles were recorded in 10 stations located at both sides of the summer thermal front of SMG using a YSI probe 6600v2. In the second survey these parameters were obtained at discrete depths in 16 stations located along the coast of SMG with a TOA-DKK probe Model WQC-24. Water samples for quantification of nutrients and chlorophyll-a were also collected in both surveys at different depths. We present and compare in-situ data with temperature estimates by the NLSST-MODIS algorithm. The mean differences between satellite and in-situ data for the first cruise were 0.44±0.37°C (n=9) while for the second was 0.88±1.08°C (n=10). Temperature data presented here may be taken as a reference point in future studies involving the sensor NIRST of SAC-D/Aquarius mission.