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Surface Layer Salinity Balance at the SPURS-1 Central Mooring
Farrar, T., Rainville, L., Plueddemann, A., Kessler, B., Lee, C., Hodges, B., Schmitt, R., Riser, S., Edson, J., Eriksen, C., and Fratantoni, D. (24-May-17)

The Salinity Processes Upper-ocean Regional Study (SPURS) was a field campaign focused on understanding the physical processes affecting the evolution of upper-ocean salinity in the region of climatological maximum sea surface salinity (SSS) in the subtropical North Atlantic. An upper-ocean salinity budget provides a useful framework for guiding progress toward that goal. The SPURS measurement program included a heavily instrumented air-sea interaction mooring, which allows accurate estimates of the surface fluxes, and a dense array of measurements from moorings, Argo floats, and gliders. These data are used to estimate terms in the upper-ocean salinity and heat budgets during the SPURS campaign.