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Science Meetings

Wave Gliders in SPURS-2
Hodges, B., Schmitt; R., Levang, S., Fratantoni, D., and Shcherbina, A. (24-May-17)

Three Wave Gliders were deployed in August 2016 to commence sampling for SPURS-2. They measure temperature and salinity at 2-minute intervals at depths of 30 cm and 6.5 m, and return the data in real time via satellite link. Additional temperature observations at 30-second intervals are made at other depths, the shallowest being 10 cm. Together with measurements of wind speed, these observations begin to form a picture of the formation conditions, size, frequency, duration, and seasonality in the SPURS-2 study area of the shallow "fresh puddles" which form when rain falls on a calm ocean surface. One Wave Glider carried an additional sensor suite for a brief period: a "rake", which measured temperature and salinity at 1-Hz at every 10-cm depth increment of the upper meter. These higher-resolution observations offer a more detailed view of the formation and decay of a few fresh puddles.