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Mission Status & Events

NASA Aquarius Data Training Workshop
[17-Mar-16] You have been invited to the NASA Aquarius Data Training Workshop - 4 Week Session.

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We are pleased to offer a new approach to understanding how to access, customize, and share NASA data. The Aquarius Data Visualization, Interpretation, Communication & Engagement (ADVICE) webinar series will consist of one-hour sessions held each Thursday in April at 11 AM PT / 2 PM ET. You can elect to audit any session or fully participate* in the four-part series.

Registration: This event has now concluded.

It will be a great opportunity for scientists - including graduate students - to:
  • Prepare data for their research
  • Master skills with salinity science & data experts
  • Get feedback on the effectiveness of their take-home message

Webinar Schedule
All webinars begin at 11AM PT / 2PM ET.

Session 1 (07-Apr-16)
  • Learn the basics of Aquarius/SAC-D
  • Become familiar with Aquarius salinity data resources
  • Understand the structure of Aquarius data
Session 2 (14-Apr-16)
  • Discover Aquarius data from the PO.DAAC
  • Access Aquarius data using a variety of tools
Session 3 (21-Apr-16)
  • Use Aquarius Level-3 data visualization tools
  • Tips on communicating your "salinity story" effectively
Session 4 (28-Apr-16)
  • Share your "salinity story" during an online poster session
*Full participation will include posting draft data products and comments to the NASA Earthdata Wiki, with an option to present findings during an online poster session.

For more information on this series, click here.