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Two Month Extension: JGR-Oceans Salinity Remote Sensing Special Section
[20-Feb-14] In response to a number of requests, including my own, the JGR-Oceans Special Section deadline has been extended an additional two months, through April 30, 2014. The date has been updated on the special section call for papers here on the Wiley Online website.

However, we urge you to submit your papers as early as possible. There are currently 28 papers submitted, and a total of 44 listed on the voluntary website. If you are ready or almost ready to submit your paper by the previous deadline this month, please go ahead and submit sooner rather than later, so as to avoid an editorial log-jam at the end of April.

Individual papers are published on-line as they are accepted, so the earlier it is submitted, the earlier it is likely to be published. On acceptance, each paper is linked electronically to the collected special section.

The level of interest for his special section is quite gratifying, and I anticipate that the extra time will help improve the quality of the collection.