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Mission Status & Events

9th Aquarius/SAC-D Joint Science Team Meeting Scheduled
[02-Sep-14] The Aquarius/SAC-D satellite mission will convene the 9th Joint Science Meeting in Seattle, WA, USA, 11-14 November 2014. The theme for this year's meeting is Science Assessment for the End of Aquarius' Prime Mission. There will be more details of the program to follow, including specific plenary and breakout sessions. Meanwhile the meeting website is available here.

There is no registration fee. Registration is open now, and you may upload abstracts in the coming weeks, once the program sessions are announced (future announcement pending).

The website contains complete venue information and hotel reservation details. Please make your reservations in a timely manner to ensure you receive the negotiated rate. Note that the rate extends a few days on either side of the conference dates, for travellers who wish to arrive earlier and stay later.

The mission is primarily a United States - Argentina partnership, including contributions from Italy, Canada, France and Brazil.

Aquarius/SAC-D science objectives address ocean circulation, the global hydrological cycle, climate variability, land processes, land use, soil moisture, natural hazards, health applications, cryosphere, and others. The satellite observatory provides measurements of ocean salinity (the primary measurement goal of the mission) plus ocean winds, rain, sea ice, sea and land surface temperatures, soil moisture, high temperature events (fires and volcanic activities), nighttime light sources, atmospheric temperature/humidity soundings, space environment and autonomous data relay from remote ground stations.

This will be the 3rd science meeting since the mission was launched 10 June 2011. This meeting is purposefully scheduled to coincide with the completion of NASA's Aquarius 3-year prime salinity measurement mission in November. The agenda will emphasize the scientific achievements of these three years, validating the NASA mission science requirements, and to form future plans for Aquarius extended mission science (NASA Senior Review in 2015). The meeting is focused on the Aquarius/SAC-D science team and the NASA Ocean Salinity Science Team (OSST) activities.

Format: The agenda will be organized with plenary and working group sessions, discussion groups, oral and poster presentations.

Language of the Workshop: English.