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Mission Status & Events

Reminder for the Aquarius/SACD/OSST Science Meeting
[31-Oct-14] This is a reminder for the Aquarius/SACD/OSST Science meeting in Seattle, 11-14 November 2014.

The abstract deadline is extended to 2 November 2014. However, given this late notice, the abstract upload link will remain active over the weekend, so the absolute deadline is Sunday, 2 November 2014. If you are unable to enter your abstract by then, email copies to Gary Lagerloef and Jan Kvamme before 3 November 2014 AM.

The website is revised with the detailed program of special sessions and is ready for abstract uploads. Session chairs and email links are provided to allow participants to inquire about whether their input will be relevant to the session. If in doubt, please choose the most relevant session and the Program Committee will re-assign if appropriate.

The workshop sessions are expected to provide specific conclusions and recommendations, as outlined in the session descriptions. Accordingly, please consider how your contribution will support those goals as you prepare an abstract for any of these sessions.

Presentation uploads: We have set a deadline, November 4, to upload presentations to the website. If this is not feasible, you may also bring your presentation on a thumb-drive to upload at the meeting. This allows last-minute updates to your material.

Presentations must be in PowerPoint format, with page numbers.

Hotel lodging reservations: The attendees who have not yet made reservations as of today, are advised to contact Motif Reservations directly at 1-855-515-1144 and reference the room block name "Aquarius Science Team Meeting", to see if there is availability to accommodate them at the government per diem rate of $156/night. Depending on the dates needed, the agent may be able to help you directly. If you are not able to make arrangements via a Motif agent at the government per diem, please contact Camisa Carlson at carlson@esr.org, as there may be other hotels in the vicinity that will provide rooms at this special rate, as a courtesy to Earth & Space Research.