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Ocean Ecosystem Impacts of Climate Change (00:01:03)
[08-Oct-09] Throughout most of Earth's ocean, the warmer water, weaker circulation, and new temperature gradients that result from climate change will impact marine life and ecosystems. These changes affect the ocean's ability to store carbon. Increased carbon dioxide in the atmosphere impacts marine life in other ways.

Stacey Boland: "As the ocean absorbs more carbon dioxide, it becomes more acidic, and this can be a threat to some of the organisms that live inside the ocean."

As Earth's climate continues to change, how will researchers monitor something as big as the ocean, and something as complex as the carbon cycle? NASA Earth observing satellites give scientists the "big picture" view of our home planet. Varied satellites help researchers detect changes in ocean climate and ecology over time, providing vital insight into the health of our home planet. View full movie here. Credit: NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center.