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Science Meetings

Aquarius Mission Status, Overview and Phase-F Data Reprocessing
Lagerloef, G. (18-Nov-15)

Soon after the SAC-D/Aquarius mission end in early June 2015, NASA directed the Aquarius project team to prepare a proposal for the Phase-F Mission Closeout plan. The plan calls for the decommissioning of the Aquarius Ground System, documentation, and final data archive. The science activity primarily involves a complete data reprocessing with numerous calibration and algorithm updates that had been planned for this year, in order to improve the accuracy and quality as far as we are able with our present knowledge and experience. This Aquarius Data Version 5.0 is scheduled to be released in early to mid 2017 and Phase-F activities will end 30 June 2017. This presentation will summarize the algorithm improvements and the schedule.