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Columnar Water Vapor Estimation Over Land Using Radiometer Data from SACD-Aquarius
Epeloa, J.E. and Meza, M.A. (17-Nov-15)

The aim of this work is the retrieving atmospheric integrated columnar water vapor (CWV) over land surface by using the microwave radiometer (MWR) on board of the Scientific Argentine Satellite (SACD). A log linear relationship between the brightness temperatures (TB) and CWV obtained from Global Positioning System (GPS) measurements was used to calibrate radiometer observations. In this algorithm the retrieved CWV is derived from the two brightness temperature of the Argentinean radiometer which works at 23.8 GHz and 36.5 GHz. The region of our analysis is at south-east of the USA, where the climate type is Cfa (Koppen - Geiger classification). Our results are compared against radiosonde observations and show a bias of -0.69 mm and a standard deviation of about 6 mm.