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Satellite Derived Sea Surface Salinity Validation in South China Sea Area
Li, H., Fu, W., Chen, H., Li, C., and Zhao, H. (31-July-15)

After almost 5 years of SMOS launched, accuracy of satellite SSS measurements is evaluated/validated in most areas. But in South-China Sea area (4°N-25°N, 105°E-125°E), few calibration/validation efforts is made in this area. In this paper we will validate the satellite (SMOS/Aquarius) derived SSS measurements based on moored buoys and ARGO in-situ measurements. For SMOS SSS measurements, 3-day, 10-day and monthly averaged SSS products with space resolution of 0.25°x0.25° and 1°x1° are validated in the period of year 2011 to year 2013 in South China Sea area. Aquarius SSS products of daily, 7-day and monthly averaged data with 1°x1° space solution are also validated in the period of year 2011 to year 2014. An overall mean difference of -0.3psu (0.6psu for RMSE) for Aquarius measurements compared to -0.6psu (1.6psu for RMSE) for SMOS is given in our validation.